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15 November 2021 • Laura Masling

Avva Scottish Gin is one of several gin distillers in Speyside but the only one to mature gin in a cask. Our standard Cask Finish Gin launched in 2017. Bottled in 70cl at 55%abv with a 6-month maturation in Heaven Hill Bourbon Cask.

The story of The Forgotten Cask started in February 2019 when we had filled our cask for the creation of our Cask Finish Gin. This was disgorged in September 2019 to create Cask 4 from Avva Scottish Gin. A small amount of gin was left in the cask to be disgorged in 2020……. Only it got slightly forgotten about.

Our plans in 2020 were to open for Tasting Tours – which did eventually happen in 2021 but as we all know the world paused as a result of the impact of the pandemic. It was only when the casks were being checked & having their metal bands tightened that the gin was discovered in October 2021. The Forgotten Cask Gin has been maturing for over 30 months and has now taken on a rich golden colour and a flavour profile to match.

Whilst Jill Brown, our distiller & director then recalled a wee drop had been left in the cask it turned out to be ‘a wee bit more than a wee bit’ Ultimately there will only be 50 bottles of this rare cask matured gin available. Bottled at 65% in 70cl with each bottle individually numbered with a matching branded wooden case. The gin has matured with the flavours from the bourbon cask coming through as rich, honey, sweet vanilla with a slight spice but not overpowering and despite sitting at quite a high abv this gin is intensely smooth and full of flavour. Being based in Speyside and with the most recent Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival running from the 3rd to 8th Nov it was an ideal opportunity to get some well know palates to taste this wonderful gin. James Campbell, Linda Mellis, Julie Fraser and Corrine Tewnion joined international visitors Peter Klass and Mathias Schmidt from Germany to verify the quality of the spirit and provide tasting notes.

It is very rare for Gin to be matured for this length of time with most brands focusing on weeks/months not years. The Forgotten Cask 2021, 50 70cl bottles at 65%abv will be released for presale on 29th November. For more information please see our website.

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BIO ON Avva Scottish Gin

Launched in 2016 by distiller Jill Brown and distilling on the UK’s first Scottish manufactured gin still. Avva means respected elder grandmother and our still is named Jessie-Jean. Our still is a 250l full copper-still heated by an electric-powered water-jacket. Our brand design is based on Elgin Cathedral and features the iconic rose window as part of the label.

The company has a wide range of distilled gins and liqueurs which are distilled and infused with local botanicals and fruits. The core distilled produces of Avva, Navy, Blink &Pink have all received recognition and multiple awards from International Wine and Spirits, Scotland Food & Drink, Scottish Gin Awards, Highlands & Islands Food and Drink Awards.

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