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Moray Chamber of Commerce Comment On Vaccine Certification

3 September 2021 • Laura Masling

Following the statement from the First Minister which raised the possibility that vaccine certifications may be required for entry to nightclubs and many large events in Scotland from later this month, Moray Chamber Commerce Operations Manager, Kara Stewart, said:

“Throughout the pandemic, businesses here in Moray have done everything at their disposal to keep their clients, customers and employees safe.

“Even today many businesses are going beyond what is legally required of them to help halt transmission and keep case numbers down.

“Scotland’s economy is now finally beginning to recover however the fact remains that many businesses continue to operate in survival mode and the prospect of economic deterrents, such as vaccine certificates, could prove damaging to business and consumer confidence.”

A copy of the SCC Network letter to the First Minister is attached below:

03 09 21 SCC Letter to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Vaccine Certification

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