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Moray Sports Centre #KeepingMorayMoving

24 June 2021 • Laura Masling

2020 impacted our lives significantly. We swapped office wear for casual home wear and normal levels of activity with binge watching a good boxset. Life changed, priorities changed, and work patterns changed with new technologies making us more accessible but less mobile. It was a difficult time for us all.

People tried exercising at home, but it is easy to avoid exercise when the kids need home-schooling or endless snacks! During the lockdown some became less fit, mobile and may have gained some extra weight. At the Moray Sports Centre facilities, we adapted to maintain a level of service for our community. Taking our gym and classes outside presented an opportunity to blitz the stresses brought on by the home becoming an office, a school, and a well-used space for the whole family. As the sole operator for the North of Scotland (in January and February), it was a long time until before other operators followed our lead. Driven by the knowledge that exercise offers physical benefits and positively impacts our mental health we discussed 'what can we offer' and not dwelling on what we cannot. Seeing members arrive and lift away their tension in sub-zero temperatures with a smile on their face, brought home the community that we have created.

For the first time gyms, fitness and sports centres are a place to generate positivity to get up, get active and socialise (with correct distancing) with likeminded people. Nobody ever regrets a great workout! So, the question is, how do we continue this positivity now that a level of normal is returning?

Those who contracted COVID may have developed a physical weakness and breathing difficulties. Some suffering symptoms for longer than 12-months. A professional trainer can encourage safe exercise and helped some of our members gain strength and boost their immune system alongside a good diet.

Companies across Moray are re-evaluating their company benefits and looking for a holistic approach encouraging increased activity. Some are investing in corporate memberships, while others offer reward schemes and offer incentives with prizes of working with a Personal Trainer. Having a fit and active workforce boosts productivity, assist your employees to complete tasks effectively and reduces the number of absent days taken. A healthy mindset or working towards a common fitness goal can be motivating and gain a sense of an achievement when completed. To apply a focus to something positive in current times will help us cope better with the continued restrictions.

Moray Sports Centre can tailor corporate packages to suit your company needs. All members receive a preferential rate for Personal Training packages, and these can boost activity motivation, obtaining goals or create new activity habits. Our Personal Trainers will push clients to improve strength, fitness and focus all transferable skills to day-to-day activities and the workforce. With improving energy and ability to do more you'll see a healthy return on your investments.

If you are currently assessing your workforce benefits or would like to reward your team for their professional achievements get in contact by emailing or call 01343 610 670 and ask for Robert Brown.

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