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Guest Blogger – Tyrone of The Intuitive Life Mentoring Company

3 March 2020 • Sarah Medcraf

Tyrone of the Intuitive Life Mentoring Company is our latest guest blogger. Check out his post on how we can all worry less and take our careers and relationships to the next level.

Just be yourself they say?

The truth is probably 95% of us don’t really know our true selves.

By the way, this isn’t a swipe at anyone and please don’t take this personally.

Some of us are totally oblivious to this fact which is usually the case.

But then again some of us maybe just don’t want to get to know ourselves on a deeper level as we are afraid of what we might find, as REALLY getting to know yourself is probably the bravest, scariest and hardest journey you could ever wish to make.

However it’s the most enlightening, empowering and rewarding thing you could ever commit to in this short time you have here on earth, not to mention the bravest!

That is why only a handful of the bravest beings on earth actually commit to what is such a life changing journey.

Are you constantly feeling stressed or under pressure?

Are you fed up of trying to please others?

Do you over complicate things?

Do you over think things?

Do you struggle to finish things or even start them?

Are you self-critical or critical of others?

Do you feel intimidated when in the company of others?

Do you avoid conflict by creating it?

Do you dwell in the past?

Are you scared of the future?

Do you find it difficult to trust anyone?

Do you think you have to be somebody else to be accepted?

Does any of the above resonate with you?

If that’s a yes, it’s nothing to be ashamed of as every single one of the above comes from past experiences and conditioning not to mention other people’s thoughts and opinions that your subconscious mind has accumulated over the years.

How will your life pan out if you keep thinking the same old limiting, paralysing thoughts and doing the same old, same old??

But what if you had a choice to pick a different future? To CREATE a different and better future for yourself and ultimately your loved ones?

The good news is I can help BUT only if you are willing to help yourself!

I haven’t got a magic wand but I do have proven strategies and workable tools to help you make a proper go of your life. Call it a second chance if you want?

Imagine not over thinking things? Leading to crystal clear decision making and less procrastination?

Imagine not over complicating things?

Imagine not dwelling in the past or worrying about the future?

Imagine being self-empowering, instead of self-critical?

Imagine getting out of your own way so you can finally live the life you deserve, and take your business, career and relationships to the next level!

Call me on 07397276239 to arrange a chat. This is a no obligation, quick “getting to know you” conversation to determine whether there is a “fit”. If there is, we can organise a further call, if not, nothing lost.

What have you got to lose?

I think you will have more to gain.

Life really is to short not to be living the life you truly deserve.

Call me today as time slots are very limited and this promotion is coming to an end very soon!

Mention “Chamber of Commerce” to claim a special bonus report “The biggest mistake I made in business, I’ll never make again”.

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