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Over recent years, we’ve been hearing a lot about the growing imperative to plan the journey to ‘net zero’, pay a ‘living wage’, offer ‘fair work’, build ‘community wealth’, and contribute towards the ‘just transition’.

But in a time where businesses are still recovering from the covid-19 pandemic and struggling to survive a cost of living crisis, the demand to take into account these wider responsibilities can feel like a lot to navigate.

Thankfully, there is an approach which brings all of these social and environmental priorities together under one umbrella and it’s called a wellbeing economy

What is a wellbeing economy?

A wellbeing economy is an economic system, which operates within safe environmental limits and which serves and prioritises the collective wellbeing of current and future generations.

The movement towards wellbeing economies is underway all around the world, and Scotland, alongside a handful of other small trailblazing nations, is leading the charge. Business plays a vital role in the transition to a wellbeing economy. It is a vehicle for creativity and innovation, and has the potential to accelerate positive impact alongside civil society and governments. In a wellbeing economy business activities help to achieve human and ecological prosperity – rather than people and the planet’s resources being used in service to business.

In Moray, the Moray Local Action Group is currently spearheading the process of developing a pioneering Community Led Vision for Moray – one which will provide a practical roadmap to enable Moray to make our vital contribution in Scotland’s transition towards a fairer, greener, economy.

In order to be able to do this justice we need to gather inputs from across sectors, and as the driving force of the local economy and a fundamental pillar of the community we want to hear from Moray’s businesses to factor in your needs.

Join us to learn more about Scotland and Moray’s wellbeing economy ambitions, and to get inspired about the vital role business has to play. Let us know what kind of support you feel your business needs to enable it to have the most positive impact for people and the planet.

About Moray Local Action Group (LAG): Moray LAG is an unincorporated voluntary organisation which exists to encourage community innovation and support community led local development – a bottom-up approach to rural development which aims to improve the quality of life, sustainability and prosperity in rural communities through locally driven development initiatives and projects.

About Scotland CAN B: Launched in 2018 by the Scottish Government in a unique partnership with B Lab (the non-profit organisation behind the global B Corp movement),Scotland CAN B exists to build a nationwide culture of using business as a force for good. Scotland CAN B provides training for business leaders and advisors in the latest impact frameworks, tools and perspectives, so that Scottish businesses can measure and manage their social, environmental and governance performance with as much rigour as they do their profits.