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Thursday 22 February 2024

An Audience With... Group Captain Jim Lee, Station Commander RAF Lossiemouth

17.00 - 18.30 • RAF Lossiemouth, Lossiemouth, IV31 6SD

An Audience With... Group Captain Jim Lee, Station Commander RAF Lossiemouth

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We aim to provide a unique forum for professionals, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to gain valuable insights, learn from industry leaders, and develop connections. Whether you're seeking guidance on scaling your business, looking for innovative strategies, or simply aiming to broaden your horizons, "An Audience With..." offers an exceptional platform to tap into the knowledge and experiences of esteemed individuals who have achieved remarkable success.

On Thursday 22nd February, Group Captain Jim Lee will take the mic on base at RAF Lossiemouth. Jim is no stranger to the limelight after the recent Channel 4 docu-series Top Guns: Inside the RAF. For many years, the RAF has gone about its business in the background. The series provides an exclusive and intimate look into the daily lives of the fearless men and women who soar through the heavens in the service of their country. From heart-stopping aerial manoeuvers to the meticulous preparation that precedes every mission, the programme captures the essence of the RAF's commitment to excellence.
RAF Lossiemouth's Station Commander talks about what the Top Guns documentary revealed

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