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Childcare Provision in Moray

31 May 2022 • Sarah Medcraf


We know that suitable childcare is a barrier to employment for some and we also know that the industry is struggling to attract workers.Moray Chamber is working to pull together a report so Moray can work together to try an alleviate some of the pressure / resolve the issues.

The responsibility does not lie with one organisation on this and it will only be a success with a partnership approach with public, private and third sectors coming together.There is many reasons why parts of Moray are under pressure with childcare from a reduction in childminders, to additional houses being built, parents needing to both work due to rising costs of living etc. we could go on.

We believe there is pressure for 0-2 year olds and before and after school wrap around care. At the moment 3-5 year olds with funded places seem to be adequately catered for (although the funded times at some places are not suitable to some work hours), but please do let me know if you feel differently.

Please note that there will not be a quick fix but we need to work strategically to ensure we get the right solution(s).If you'd like to share any thoughts or situations whether you are a parent, expectant parent, nursery worker, childminder, business who has had trouble recruiting/retaining staff because of childcare or anyone else that has a relevant view, you can email

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