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HiTrans – Launch Go-HI

3 November 2020 • Sarah Medcraf

Please see update from HiTrans regarding G0-Ho

"You may already be aware of the pioneering new transport project, Go-HI, which is set to launch in March 2021. However, as a brief update our team are trialling a new app (Go-HI), which will make it easier for residents and tourists, within the HiTrans region, to access the information they need to make greater use of public transport.

Funded by the Scottish Government’s MaaS Investment Fund, the Go-HI App will provide a multi-modal integrated journey planning solution to increase accessibility of integrated end-to-end travel. We are currently still at the build stage for the App and to ensure we go to market with the most viable and user-friendly end product, we will be hosting a series of focus groups and research sessions to determine what updates and changes our end users require.

This is where we need your help!

We need participants for our focus groups and research sessions and would be grateful if you were able to work with us to help us source these. We are aware your contacts and staff will have an interest in our product and we feel there is great value in gaining their input at this stage within our development. We would very much welcome the opportunity for them to engage with us to help shape the App prior to us launching the finished product.

By way of further introduction to the app, please find attached a collation of recent nationwide press coverage.

If you think you can be of help please get in touch with Marelise Hamar – for further information."

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