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Writing For Your Brand - MEMBER EVENT

24 March 2022 • Sarah Medcraf

THURSDAY 31st MARCH - Member Event

Writing for Your Brand with B is for BRAND

Do people remember why your business is special and can they tell other people, exactly the way you want them to (aka free marketing)?

If not, book onto my workshop 'Writing for Your Brand' next Thursday (31st), taking place at Greenbrae Steading in Hopeman.

Together we'll sort out any problems you have with getting your message across so that other people can remember it, relate to it and tell the world about how wonderful your business is!

If this sounds like a problem you need to solve, head to Greenbrae Steading's website right now to book your space.

B is for Brand - Achieve Brand Clarity

P.S. Just think how much you're going to save on your marketing budget with all those people talking about your business...

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