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Welcome to a Greener Future with GreenPath
At Moray Chamber of Commerce, we are excited to introduce our latest programme, GreenPath, aimed at helping businesses in Moray embark on a journey toward sustainability and a greener future. As the world contends with environmental challenges, we believe that every business can have a role to play in reducing their environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable community.

What is GreenPath?

GreenPath is a fully funded sustainability assessment designed to guide businesses through the process of becoming more environmentally friendly. Whether you're a small start-up or a well-established company, GreenPath offers tailored resources and support to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Through strategic partnerships with leading experts and industry professionals, we are dedicated to ensuring that GreenPath delivers the resources and personalised guidance tailored to the requirements of your business.

Why Choose GreenPath?

Stay Competitive:
Sustainable practices can set your business apart from the competition and attract eco-conscious customers and investors.
Cost Savings:
Implementing sustainability measures often leads to reduced energy and resource consumption, translating into cost savings.
Community Engagement:
Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability can strengthen ties with the local community and boost your reputation.
Sustainable businesses are better equipped to adapt to changing regulations and market demands.

What will I Gain?
After your assessment with our specialists, you will receive your GreenPath review with recommendations and next steps.
- Our experts will assess your business's current environmental impact and help you identify areas for improvement.
- Gain access to a wealth of resources and tools

- Your business is based in Moray (Private or Third Sector)
- Less than 100 employees
(Yes, it's that simple!)

Get Started Today
Join us on the GreenPath and start your journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future for your business. Together, we can make Moray a hub for environmentally conscious businesses.

Be quick, spaces are limited. Complete the application form below to be connected with one of our Green Specialists.

Ready to take the first step on GreenPath?

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Thank you for your interest in GreenPath. Upon completion of this form, we will be in touch to advise you of next steps.

Please note that this service is free of charge as it is fully funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

However, if you do not engage with the service within 15 days of your welcome email, your space will be freed up and available for another organisation to use. Spaces are limited and submission of this form does not mean you have secured a space.

Moray Chamber of Commerce will respond to your application request within 2 working days.